Unofficial Technologic Systems TS-78xx Wiki

This wiki generally has been set up to detail the work Catalin Ionescu and I have done and put together for the Technologic Systems TS-7800 (based on Marvell's 88F5182 Feroceon SoC), also providing tutorials that others might find useful. Of particular interest is probably the section on reprograming of the FPGA. Do bear in mind that the instructions here are all focused around a Debian development platform (none of that Microsoft Windows or RPM pain here please) whilst the TS-7800 is the target platform.

Of course, the best starting place is the official Technologic Systems TS-7800 Wiki for answers, and then use the information here to complement it.

In addition to this, links to various resources and mailing list threads covering relevent and useful topics will be drawn upon. Hopefully this makes for a good "first point of call" when people want to work on their new shiny Technologic Systems TS-7800.

N.B. these pages will generally be focused on the quirks of developing on the TS-7800 and not generic help on getting started or familar Linux. Things like how to handle kernel compiling, using busybox, stop the kernel panic'ing as 'init' is upset...resources for this already exist on the Internet to be called upon to help you. Google, IRC, GMANE and Usenet are a gold mine that cannot and should not be ignored.

Useful Links