How to use U-Boot

N.B. Work In Progress!

U-Boot is a extremely flexible bootloader and it was a shame that Technologic Systems were unable to use it for their system, fortunately Michael Spang did the work in porting U-Boot to the TS-7800 and made it available for all to use.

Here I detail how to go about installing U-Boot:

$ git clone git://
$ cd u-boot
$ git remote add mspang git:// -t goto80
$ git fetch mspang
$ git checkout -b ts7800 $(git tag | grep ^v | tail -n1)
$ # the following will create conflicts - fix them (straight forward)
$ git merge mspang/goto80

N.B. before starting, you should read doc/README.ts7800.

If you wish to use the FDT (flattended devicetree) support then you need to add the following in the 'Linux' section of ''include/configs/ts7800.h'':


Time to start building things:

$ amake distclean
$ amake ts7800_config
$ amake all

# { cat u-boot/u-boot.bin; } | dd of=/dev/mmcblk0p2

Now you should be able to boot off the SD card and be dropped onto a functional u-boot environment.